Hotels designed to make every day extraordinary.

Located somewhere around the city, inviting you to stay ... A HOTEL.  What is "MY HOTEL" ?

A place that looks and feels so good that it hears from the guests after they leave ... and sees them again soon. But   HOW TO DO IT ?

Refresh the way how you think about your hotel.

Connect the words however You wish - it makes sense.

    More than just a hotel.


A Hotel is more than just an installation – it is a living, breathing neighbourhood
and every good neighbourhood offers a variety of amenities for the locals.


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Coffee Bar

BEST City Coffee Roasters

This can be the best coffee corner on the street or in the way to work. Who is the best barrista in your town? You might never know untill You visit this particular lounge & coffee bar. Yes. Hotel's lounge bar can be open from very early morning, serving the best espresso in the area.

Conference & Event Space

your eventS can be WARMLY REMEMBERED

Hotel and its facilities can host a variety of events. Conferences, small bussines meetings, lectures etc. All of them should take place in welcoming, lively surroundings creating the feeling of familiarity. Variety of furniture in a variety of finishings is just one of the ways.


Coworking Space

meEting businesS or business meEting

Who knows where the best business talks had their beginnings and where do good agreements have their final toasts ?                  Hotel corners can offer a lot in this field. Invite, invent, invest, investigate and manage a coworking space for business.


slow food - good food

This very important mistery of relation has its begining in closing the distance with taste and flavour. The personal almost intimate relation might be set just there. Remembering the flavour means remebering the Hotel. Good for You.

metafora architects


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